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Working together, we can rescue, restore and bring justice to more girls trapped in prostitution.

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Working together, we can rescue, restore and bring justice to more girls trapped in prostitution.

We are fundraising to rescue, restore and bring justice to sexual slaves in India.

Their screams cannot be heard. They cannot walk out of the brothel to the nearest police station. They can't call for help on cell phones. These children are sexual slaves, trapped in brothels all over India. Brothel keepers keep a close eye on their slaves. They severely punish any who are brave enough to attempt escape. The only way to rescue these children is to beat their captors at their own game.

With the appearance of COVID-19 in March of 2020, this new threat added another level of complexity, danger and suffering to the already unimaginable lives of sexual slaves. Rescuing them became even more difficult.

In spite of additional challenges this year, Freedom Firm staff investigated 133 locations to search for girls hidden in brothels, rescued 61 girls, delivered groceries and supplies to 690 girls, and helped arrest 28 brothel keepers. Freedom Firm staff continued fighting for justice and protecting survivors, advocating that 37 perpetrators remain in jail.

This year we celebrate Freedom Firm investigators, men who go undercover and pose as customers to find minors forced into prostitution. We celebrate social workers, women who join the raids, travel thousands of miles to investigate hostile families, and work with traumatized victims. We celebrate our police liaisons and lawyers, who battle corruption, apathy and lack of law enforcement to prosecute the perpetrators.

We honor the survivors, who, with tremendous courage, embrace the long journey of recovery. We support their desire to remain free. Join us at the end of 2020 to give a gift to help us continue to rescue, restore and bring justice to more girls next year. Catherine Raja, National Director for Freedom Firm in India says, "We believe we can rescue between 75 and 90 girls in 2021."

Together, we can find more girls still waiting for rescue. We don't know what next year will hold, but we remain fully committed to continuing this vital work.