You can light the dark! image

You can light the dark!

Your donation brings rescue, restoration and justice to more girls trapped in prostitution.

$116,352 raised

$110,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Together we can pierce the darkness of sex trafficking. The light breaks through each time one girl is rescued.

Just hearing about the darkness of sexual slavery can overwhelm us. We know young girls in India find their hopes and dreams shattered. That new job in a different city turns into sleeping with multiple customers every night. Men promise marriage, but become pimps, not husbands. Extreme poverty leads parents to sell their own daughters.

The darkness is real, but so is the light. And the darkness cannot overcome it. Each rescue, each counseling session, each court case shines a light into the dark. In just the last three months, Freedom Firm rescued 32 girls and conducted 124 investigations to search for minors. Survivors were empowered to grow and embrace their freedom through 164 life skills sessions. Our legal team fought for justice by opposing bail for 19 offenders. Light is breaking through.

Today, we honor each girl who walked out of darkness into the light. They are living proof that light overcomes darkness and good overcomes evil. Will you carry a torch for them? The victories of this past year bring excitement for the work still ahead. To fuel more rescue, restoration and justice in 2022, we are raising $110,000. Will you give so that more girls can be set free?