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Sow Seeds that Grow: Donate Monthly and Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking

Each month, will you give a small seed that will produce great change?

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Your donation brings rescue, restoration and justice to minor girls trapped in prostitution.

When Freedom Firm began working in Nagpur in 2010, the situation seemed impossible; the trafficking network was large and complex. But in spite of difficulty and opposition, our team persevered to bring rescue, restoration, and justice to minor girls trapped in sexual exploitation.

Small seeds of good work slowly grew into great change in Nagpur. Today, we are grateful that the local government made a public commitment to fight against sex trafficking. Nagpur's deputy chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, said, “A strong social movement backed by the judicial system is required to curb this ‘crime beyond boundaries’ and this issue is on priorities of the state government.”

Through perseverance, we witnessed incredible change. While facing the reality that India still has the highest number of people in slavery, we press forward with hope that consistent efforts anywhere CAN lead to great transformation.

How You Can Help:
  • $50/month 1 rescue raid per month
  • $100/month 1 month of life-skills sessions in regional shelter homes
  • $250/month empowers a lawyer to monitor cases and prepares a survivor to testify

Will you join us as a monthly donor in the fight for justice? By donating each month, you help to protect young girls and provide restoration to victims of sex trafficking.

Every gift, no matter the size, leads to lasting impact.

Pictured: Priya was trapped in sex trafficking at the age of 5. Our team rescued her from Nagpur in 2011. After she was rescued, Priya said, “As I become whole again, I want to help other girls become whole.” Rescuing one girl can lead to rescue and transformation of many!

We are committed to faithfully stewarding your finances. In addition to our Platinum Transparency status from Candid, Freedom Firm USA is an accredited charity through Better Business Bureau. You can access additional financial reports and audits here.